IMG_3266Week 1 (1/21/16):
This week my GBL NYC Art class went over small details for our trip, got to know one another in groups, made personal identity maps, and discussed “The Mindful Traveler”. One interesting thing that I confirmed about myself through identity mapping is that I am very passionate about the people around me. I enjoy the communities that I have joined at Agnes Scott College and in two different Crossfit gyms; Crossfit Johns Creek and Crossfit Terminus.

Through identity mapping I also confirmed that I have a strong love for animals. Being on a pre-med track at Agnes Scott makes me wonder if veterinary medicine could be right for me. I look at how small my map is and notice that I am young and still have so much to experience and learn about myself. I noticed that all of the things that I care about most are in some way linked to each other.

New ideas shared by my peers such as clarity of identity and personal traits showed me that I have not yet figured out a lot about myself. One of my group members described herself as narcissistic and funny. I found it very noteworthy that, at such a young age, she was able to look at herself objectively and point out personal traits. My other group members also seemed to know exactly what their interests were, especially in the arts, while I am still not quite sure.

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